Game of associations

Communicating without words

Commfi - international competition, entertaining and cognitive project. Ask a question and answer them with video, photo and audio files.

Show of communications

Enjoy limitless and unconventional sight. Be fascinated by seeing how people from across the globe are communicating without words

Revive and get distracted, without the registration and free of charge!

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Сomm bonuses

Ask or answer questions without words and receive Comm-bonuses


Ask question
+ 7
For 1 question
Add the answer to the end of the countdown timer
+ 5
For 1 answer
Add response after timer countdown
+ 2.5
For 1 answer
An interesting answer noted by the author of the question.
+ 1
For 1 answer
Hit question
+ 700
for 100 000 views
Interesting question
+ 50
for 1 000 000 likes
Right answer
+ 50
for 1 000 000 likes
Set like
+ 20
for 1000 likes
Invite friend
+ 2
for 1 registration
Subscribe on channel
+ 0.5
for 1 subscription


Together we create new international culture of communication!

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